Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He told me so

I will be off on a work trip when I set this to post. I'll be gone for about 36 hours across the river and through the woods (Snoqualmie Pass) to the other side of the state.

Remember when I said that I should have listened to my husband about our upcoming NOT vacation and instead go on a cruise? Yep yep. There's so much drama involved. We were immediately told that we could NOT go to a hotel. I was bummed. Then within a couple of days of getting our plane reservations, I nailed down a day/time to meet with some friends. Most of them work, so we decided on Saturday afternoon. Great, right? S's aunt told him to let her know if we wanted to schedule anything. So S wrote an e-mail to his aunt saying that I scheduled Saturday afternoon to meet with my friends, and that's all that we have planned so far.

She wrote back that I have to change that to a different day. No explanation other than she scheduled a family party at that time.

That pissed me off. That pissed my husband off. So we're being told what we can and cannot do on our "vacation"? Welcome to my husband's family, where you are a child until you die.

She wrote back that she already has changed the date of the family party once, and so now it cannot change.

It turns out that S's aunt scheduled her own birthday party for when we'll be in town. We had originally thought we'd be there at the beginning of May, but it got moved to earlier so she moved her party to coincide with our arrival. I have understanding friends, so that got moved to Sunday. We're both grumbling, but I suppose that second stumbling block - after not being allowed to stay in a hotel - has been maneuvered.

However, the dread over our NOT vacation continues. Julia is the only excited one. She's excited about flying on a plane and her new backpack that she got for the trip. I would prefer a week-long prison sentence over staying with his controlling aunt for a week. S mumbles about a cruise as he intercepts e-mails and texts and phone calls from his mother, father and aunts about this trip. I'm wondering if you can mix Vicodin and Xanax and in what quantities for a steady, happy haze that lasts about a week.

Yes, my dear husband told me so. I'll listen to him next time.

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