Thursday, March 14, 2013

Decisions You Might Regret

We all do stupid things. The 80s were full of them. Was it the soaring stock market or the cocaine? There are so many disturbing things in this cover art for a Sheriff album. I downloaded the song "When I'm With You" after I heard it played in 388 Arletta (an interesting, slightly disturbing movie). I thought it was a pretty generic power ballad before that, but it had quite a creepy aura that matched the movie in the scene where it played.

So, anyway, I was staring at the cover art. It blurs as you move toward the bottom. There's so much 80s commentary that I have, but I will spare you from it all. The person I want to point out is the mustached mime in workout gear. Do you ever thinks he regrets that ensemble? Or was he on so much cocaine that he'd do whatever the record label wanted him to?

These are the random things I think about. Welcome to my world.

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