Monday, May 6, 2013

The differences between here and there

From several people, I've heard a certain saying. It's kind of like a Mad Lib:

"People from ___________ are ______________ and ____________." (insert deplorable adjectives)

After spending a week on the east coast, which is where I'm originally from (so perhaps I'm reticent to insert deplorable adjectives), I did notice two slight differences between here and there.

The first, mainly learned from driving there and a few other experiences within the city: people on the east coast don't seem to be as patient as west coasters. I don't consider myself that patient, but - goodness - east coasters seemed like an impatient group. Like....everyone we encountered. 

The second learning, which I already knew from visiting there over the years, is that people tend to dress/be more "put together" than the west coast. It's not unusual to see people walk around in their pajamas here. There wasn't even one instance while I was on the east coast where I thought, "You're wearing THAT?" They dress more appropriately. Even on the Jersey Shore, I wasn't appalled at all by anyone's attire.

My husband and I did feel outnumbered politically. His family are all NRA, Fox News Republicans. My friends from there lean Republican. I know we encountered a small size of people from that area, b. ut it felt like everyone is Republican and we're the only Obama voters. Which I know is ridiculous because he won the freaking election.

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