Monday, February 4, 2013

Five Things

Five Things

1. Share five things you hope to do before you die. 
- Road trip to hit 48 states, the leisurely way (you know, with lots of stops at places with quirky names so it's a 2 month journey)
- Publish a book
- Go on a cruise
- I am lame because I can't come up with anything else.

2. List five things you love about yourself.
- Hair
- Nails
- I should be 450 pounds but for some reason I'm not.
- I sometimes have a weird perspective on things.
- My eyes

3. Share the five coolest things that you’ve done in 2013.
- Won $50
- Started eating chia seeds regularly
- Read 21 books in January, or maybe that's just nerdy
- I started the Nutrition class.
- Need to do something cool to put on this list.

4. List five things that you always have in your kitchen.
- carrots
- dirty dishes
- a grocery list
- granite
- leftovers

5. Share five places you would like to go on vacation.
- Alaska
- England
- Scotland
- Road trip in the US
- Dubai

6. List five celebrities/public figures you’d like to meet.
- Channing Tatum just to stare at
- Josh Hartnett just to stare at
- Kevin Smith just to listen to
- Will Smith
- P!nk

7. List five bands or artists you’d like to see perform live.
- The Fray
- Journey with Steve Perry
(Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night)
- Def Leppard, but I did that last year.
- LL Cool J
- I don't know, can't come up with another.

8. List five TV shows that you don’t want to miss. 

- Downton Abbey
- Biggest Loser
- Big Bang Theory
- Netflix'ed old TV shows like Family Ties

9. Share five things you wanted to do as a child. 
- Become a groupie (Def Leppard, specifically)
- Become an author
- Become a teacher

10.  Share five things you hope to do in 2013.
- Write another book
- And work on editing it
- Read a lot
- Take a few college classes in subjects I enjoy and want to learn more about
- Enjoy my life

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