Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chia Seeds

I started a financial engineering class. It's on collaterized debt obligations, those products that crashed the world economic system in 2008-09. Let's just say calculus is not like riding a bike, at least to me. It's kind of kicking my butt.

I'm about halfway through the nutrition class.

And there's full-time work. And wife/mother duties. My patience for people is rather low right now, particularly those people who whine to me about how overworked they are and they only work part-time and don't have school, a child, or a spouse/partner. In other words, I'm cranky.

What also added to the pressure of the past month is that Netflix was offering a free month of free discs, which we took them up on. So we were getting 4-6 movies in the mail per week to watch, and we return them the next day, which meant "awwww bummer" when we saw the white and red envelopes in our mailbox because we knew we had to watch them that night. But that will end this weekend. Thank goodness, I couldn't take the PRESSURE! Saw some good movies though.

Does anyone know about chia seeds? I have found the only way I can ingest them is in smoothies. They supposedly have a nice amount of omega-3s and other good properties. I make my smoothies with cherries, bananas, blueberries, greek yogurt, chia seeds & water. I can eat the fruit sans blending. I have some problems with the yogurt sans blending because I don't like to be eating it straight (and I'm technically not supposed to be eating it but don't know how else to thicken up the smoothie). But the chia seeds - you need to get those wet somehow. So basically I make the smoothies to ingest the chia seeds. But do I even need to eat the chia seeds? I dunno. I should also add milled flax, but milled flax tastes like sand.

I'll be back when I have a better attitude, which will likely be once I have gotten through my week 2 financial engineering lectures, reading, and assignments.

Tonight is bingo. Last weekend was packed. This weekend is packed. It's called burning the midnight oil to get all my stuff done.

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