Saturday, November 2, 2013

October by the Numbers

October is over! Whew! It was a busy whirlwind. I felt like I was 2 weeks behind doing everything (because I was!). I believe my amount of exercise was the lowest of any month thus far in 2013. I still lost 1.4 lbs though, and this was the lowest weigh-in I've had at the start of the month. It doesn't make sense to me that less exercise equals weight loss.
My computer finally died after living 4 arduous years. It's been giving me error messages about 10x a day. The speakers were crappy to begin with, but now they didn't exceed a whisper. The nail in the coffin is that my laptop didn't want to access the internet. My husband was going to work on it, and I told him to just scrap the plan because I wanted to get a new laptop anyway.
I have an HP touch screen laptop. Thus far, it has nice sound and seems to work well. The keyboard is a little funky, and I'm noticing that I'm making more typos than usual. Hopefully it will be a quick adjustment for me.

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