Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Nanos Down

Today I completed Nanowrimo. This year it was more like Nanowriyear (National Novel Writing Year instead of National Novel Writing Month). Back in February I started brainstorming this year's Nano and decided to get started once I had plotted it out. So essentially I cheated. By the beginning of November, I had 30,000 out of the 50,000 words written. During November I only wrote 20,000 words toward the story. Oh well. I think the philosophy behind Nano is to get a novel behind you in November, and I did accomplish that.

Three Nanos in a row. I am most proud of my first Nano. For so many years, I'd attempt to write a novel and give up 30-40 pages in at the most. Sometimes I wouldn't even make it a page before I scrapped the concept. Forging ahead even when the going got tough wasn't something I was particularly accustomed to. I did it, though, and it worked out.

Will any of these three novels be publishable? Probably not unless I do a LOT of work on them. Maybe at some point I'll want to put in the effort to pick one and hone it. Maybe I won't. But still, I think it's an accomplishment to get as far as I did.

Happy Almost December!

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