Sunday, October 21, 2012

Save me from this week

My life through next Sunday is, in short, going to suck.

Monday: work, pick up 40 lbs of chicken (long story), meeting right after work until 8:30pm, try to figure out how to keep chicken cold until I get home
Tuesday: work, errands, tae kwon do
Wednesday: work, soccer, book club
Thursday: work, tae kwon do
Friday: work, "celebration" dinner (semi-formal, finally found a dress to wear)
Saturday: soccer game, errands, soccer party, costume party at J's school (we can't call it a Halloween party although there are costumes, candy & trick or treating...I don't understand evangelicals)
Sunday: birthday party, going out to movie

I can feel that I'm getting sick: achy, tired and feeling really cold. 

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