Thursday, October 4, 2012

Facebook Statuses I Really Want To Write

I totally want to play Calvin Broadus, Jr., in Celebrity Words with Friends.

If I get invited to another MLM "party," I may become homicidal.

Isn't it enough that you take dozens of pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror every day and post them? Must you rotate your profile picture amongst the gazillion pictures EVERY DAMN HOUR????!!!!!

I love Scott Weiland's gravelly voice.

Thank you to ex-boyfriend in college who was obsessed with Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. You've helped my 90s Alternative SongPop score tremendously.

63 SongPop challenges against my husband in the last week = need a life

I've been sucked into the Pretty Little Liars book series. And watching Downton Abbey. There's not enough hours in the day if you consider that I have to work and sleep! Oh yeah, and take care of my child and talk to my husband.

Soccer countdown: 4 more games, 3 more practices. 

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