Monday, August 20, 2012

The Stereotype

Our culture has created an image of a stereotypical guy. He drinks beer, doesn't talk about his feelings, watches sports, only does "manly" chores, and lives in his garage with a workbench, artwork (i.e., posters of scantily clad women) and a mini fridge stocked with beer. He may also resemble Al Bundy.

I often chuckle at this stereotype because I've never dated anyone like this. I have purposely avoided drinkers because all of the men in my family liked alcohol a little too much. I'd have to say almost all of the guys I dated were more the emo type, versus the silent type. All had decent cleaning abilities and didn't mind washing dishes or folding clothes. And most were of the computer/active athletic type instead of the live-in-the-garage type.

I did actively disregard the frat boy type - you know, the type who would turn into the stereotype if they weren't already there. To be honest, most of the frat boy type didn't bring much to the table. They tended to be exasperating (both in what they said and what they did), chauvinistic, and annoying.

Soooooo... when I go to a party and see these Al Bundy types that are in their 30s, 40s and 50s, I cringe. There are people who are really like that. And they marry women who then complain about stoic men who don't show emotion and who are obsessed with garages and workshops and sports. These guys guzzle beers and tend the barbecue while the womenfolk do "womenfolk" things.

And I leave the party appreciating my non-stereotypical guy.

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