Saturday, May 19, 2012


I am a very sensing person. When I take the Myers-Briggs, I always come out high in sensing (versus intuition). If you've read any of my blog entries for any length of time, it's easy to pick up on the amount I sense. When I try to describe the difference between sensing and intuition, I say that sensing is more literal with your five senses, and intuition is more patterns/abstract reasoning.

I am very literal. Occasionally I get esoteric, but I'm overwhelmingly literal.

I love my senses because I find that they are such a rich source of memories. Tonight I walked through the Stepford Wives neighborhood, and it was like a time machine taking me to a different memory at a different point in time every few steps. It started with Winston cigarettes. I don't smoke, but my dad did & he smoked Winstons. Thus, I know the distinctive smell of those cigarettes. A few steps later I smelled scalloped potatoes. Why someone was making scalloped potatoes at 11pm - I have no freaking clue. But I thought back to going over to someone's house and having the best scalloped potatoes ever. Then I heard a car behind me start up. I always know when it's a Honda engine starting; it has a very distinctive sound. I always whisper, "Honda," when I hear a Honda engine start up. I used to check to affirm that it actually was a Honda. Now I don't even check because I'm so confident.

The whole walk in the neighborhood went like that. Some days I feel more receptive to those subtle cues. I guess tonight was one of those days.

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