Wednesday, February 8, 2012

True Crime Overload

I find true crime fascinating. Getting into a killer's mind can be terrifying but oh so fascinating. I'm not much one for Law & Order or CSI. I tend to read true crime non-fiction and the procedural true crime series. Basically, I like real crime instead of fake crime. I know the crime dramas steal from the headlines, but they somehow seem like a second cousin to the true event.

I've been watching a lot of true crime lately. I think I maxed out on my dosage and will wean myself off of it for a while. There was the woman who cut a baby out of a pregnant woman because she wanted a baby. Then there was the 15 year old boy who killed the 13 year old boy, dismembered his body, and threw it down the sewer. Then there was the guy who strangled a woman in a hotel room, went out at 3am to buy a suitcase, put her body in it, and then tossed it into the dumpster. He did this years prior to another woman as well. Then there was the college kid who took out a hit man to kill his parents and sister. Then there were some more "normal" murders arising from jealousy.

After watching these, I wonder why I'm down on people. Hmmm?

Then there was that horrible murder nearby where I live with the guy who was a prime suspect in his wife's disappearance who blew up his kids.

I think it's time to watch some stand-up comedy or something a little bit less depressing.


Jesse said...

I'm interested in watching/reading about these too. Where do you find this stuff? So far my only examples are Cops and Lockup. I also like Criminal Minds, which is a crime drama but seems realistic and creepy enough that it holds my interest.

B said...

On Netflix I like the Solved series.

I watched several of the Disappeared episodes too. I think I need more resolution because most of those still remain unsolved and were dissatisfying to watch.

There was another series I watched that I think you might like a lot. It has the real-time Cops vibe with a little more forensics. What was the name??? Hmmm... Looked it up. The First 48. My only complaint with that one is that it has a lot of drug-motivated crimes, probably because they tend to be easier to solve than the other types of murders. There's a lot of people being found in abandoned fields in that one, but the real-time aspect is so interesting.