Sunday, February 19, 2012

Social Climbers

There are those people who can walk into any situation and command everyone's attention. It's that combo of charisma + self-confidence + stunning looks.

Well, I don't have whatever it is. It's okay, it's not like I cry into my Rice Krispies every morning about it. I know I'm quiet, kinda insecure, dress way too casually and am not stunning.  I don't mind being that girl that fades into the background; in fact, I kind of like the anonymity of it all. I'd rather wear my non-designer jeans, hoodie & Vans and watch the rest of the action, only participating if convention or desire arise. The pressure to be one of those people who "owns" a room has got to be enormous.

Now on to what aggravates me...

People meet me and form a first impression of me. And, often, their first impression of me is kind of close to who I really am. (Sometimes it depends on the situation.)  I tend to be down-to-earth, low-maintenance, a good listener, sometimes spew random/tangental info, and prone to sighing and rolling my eyes when in the presence of self-important people who don't know what they're talking about. You either like me, or you don't. There are specific people who tend NOT to like me: high-maintenance, social climbing people who are into fashion, money and impressing others because I'm not into that scene. I don't really care for their schtick either, and I can't supply them the ego strokes they need. I'm not very stylish, and on the surface don't live for getting my nails done and shopping like they do. 

Those types of people dismiss me since I don't seem to fit in with their world. Again, this is okay, but they often tend to think I'm invisible or in a whole other (inferior) space and time continuum.

Then new info is sometimes obtained, and - well, things sometimes change. This has only happened a handful of times, but it happens enough that I know something is up. I suddenly get upgraded into a new category in a way that mystifies me. I wonder why I have been deemed worthy of being acknowledged for a few months/years by a few specific cool kids, and now I'm worthy of being asked to go out and do something or invited to a non-multi level marketing party (as I've told you, anyone is invited to a multi-level marketing "party"). I've finally realized that the commonality in all of these interactions tends to be that I've been upgraded because of not who I am as a person, but rather that I am a tool in their social climbing endeavor.

I may look like I'm unemployed (and under 21- thank you for carding me twice in the last 2 weeks!), but I actually have a good job. I may look like I'm poor, but I actually have money. Not a lot, mind you, but enough. I may look like I still live with my parents (since I still look under 21!!!), but I actually live in a pretty nice house that we're not underwater on.

Another example of this is when I walk into a car dealership wearing my standard uniform of slacker, unemployed Gen Xer. I find a car, they think I won't even pass the credit check, and they are shocked to find out that not only do I qualify for a hideously high loan amount at 0%, but I also have a great credit score. But then I decide at the last minute that I'll probably just pay cash because it's easier. Those poor car salesmen never know what to think of someone who looks under 21 (yes, I will never stop reminding you!) buying cash for a new car.

When the social climbers and car salesmen change their opinions of me, I get kind of grumpy. It's too late, folks. You've dismissed me because I didn't give off the right vibe of being in your clan, then you realize that I actually am higher than you in the weird social order, and then you try to be all nauseatingly sweet to me to try to get in my good graces?

I have a good memory, and I don't forget.

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