Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am writing this on Tuesday night. I'm NaNo'ed out currently (at 31,000 words as of Tuesday night) and feel in the blogging mood.

I started this blog almost 3 years ago, and before that I was on MySpace for 2-3 years. Now no one's on MySpace. They're all on Facebook and Google+ even though MySpace had a better format. (Perhaps I'm still bitter that I had to abandon my absolutely awesome page layout in MySpace.)

I made initial connections via this blog either from other MySpace converts or some online groups I belong to, and - well - they all stopped blogging or moved their blogs, and I just realized that I get very few people that I actually know on the list of people/sites I subscribe to. It's all coupon blog posts or sites that do one post a day. No one who was blogging back when I started is still blogging. (Or they moved their blog and didn't tell me where it is because they're afraid I'm going to stalk them....because I'm paranoid like that.)

I wonder if blogging was a fad that passed for most people. Or my friends have ADD. Or they really are avoiding me. Or?????

I think I'm more suited to the LiveJournal commitment level but more have the Blogger personality. Whenever I stumble around in LiveJournal without a goal, I always wander into a scary place. Now that I've been to the scary places enough times, I'm rather desensitized to it.

You may ask what kind of scary places one can just wander into on LiveJournal. I'll leave that to your imagination. Actually, most of the time I realize it's a scary place because I have not a CLUE what the conversation is about, and once I figure out the conversation using Google to define words and phrases I don't know, I realize that the literal conversation is subtext for a different conversation. And then I want to cry because the antisocial kids in high school now have their own effing culture that the slightly-less-antisocial-but-clearly-not-popular me doesn't understand.

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