Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Ass Flowers

I've said how much I hate these things, haven't I?  They look ridiculous. Take a cute baby and put a big ass flower on her (hopefully her) head. I refuse to even consider it for my daughter.  Once this stupid phase ends and people realize how utterly obnoxious the practice is, my daughter will thank me for not putting that crap on her head.

What's even worse is when the big ass flower is on a grown woman's head. It wasn't even on a 20 year old. The big ass flower was on the head of a woman who is pushing almost 60 years old. I wanted to ask her if I could take a picture. It was THAT obnoxious. What do you say when you see a 60 year old try to mimic an awful fad for even a baby?  When a baby can't even pull it off, don't even try it. 


Kirstie said...

We have students clip tiny flowers in their hair.
How do you feel about tiny flowers?

Krista said...

Agreed, I hate those flowers!! I think I would have busted out laughing if I saw that on an adult.

Quietly Subversive said...

Krista, the big fake flower had glitter in it too. Adult women really need to say no to big fake flowers.

Kirstie, it really depends on how the whole package looks. Flowers as accent can be quite fine, a flower in your hair if you're in Hawaii, for instance. Barrettes with little accents on them. And if you're under 25 you get a special license to be girly. I draw the line when your hair accessory is bigger than your head.

Wendy said...

Totally with ya! Hate the big ass flowers. I never subjected The Person to that either.

Quietly Subversive said...

Big ass flowers have their place: a garden.