Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March in Review

It's April! April 2nd more precisely.

March was busy, frustrating, semi-successful, and tiring. I wasn't as focused on self-discipline as much as I should have been. I didn't gain weight; I didn't lose weight. Status quo. However, I did wear my Bodymedia every day, and I recorded my food. I could see that I was just treading water, but honestly I didn't care too much.

I got a promotion at work. Hence, busy, semi-successful and tiring. It was more emotionally draining than I had anticipated.

The in-laws have been in town. There was a family wedding. No one died--hence, semi-successful.

I read 8 books in March. Not too bad, all things considered.

April is a crapshoot. The in-laws are still in town for most of the month, but they're staying at the brother's house. never know how things might change.

My tummy is feeling ugh. I've got to stop eating so much crap. I do eat whole foods (fruits, veggies), and then I eat a pile of candy. Then I wonder why I feel so crappy.

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