Friday, April 11, 2014

Add some discontent

I was a content baby and child. My mom will attest to it, and she's the first one to list a person's faults. Despite my (very) occasional outbursts, I think I'm a rather content adult. Even as a kid, I remember contemplating in my crib. I'd play with the busybox in my crib. I'd stare at things on the wall. I'd look out the window. I wouldn't howl to be let out of my crib, and my mom wasn't particularly a kid person, so I bet I spent lots of hours in my crib hanging out when other babies would be bored and itching to get out.

Now, as an adult, I'll bring up the Netflix analogy. There are many people I know that say there is NOTHING they want to watch on Netflix streaming. I just look at them weirdly because I can could probably spend 40 hours a week watching Netflix and never run out of things I would be willing to watch. Quirky documentaries, indie movies, cheesy horror and supernatural movies, stand-up comedy, old TV shows, cable series like The Walking Dead and Mad Men...History Channel and Discovery Channel shows, Strange Sex...only if I didn't have to work... I just don't get how someone can't find anything to watch on Netflix. Unless the person is focusing on all the stuff that ISN'T on there. But I just oooh and aaaah over the stuff that is available. Occasionally I search for something specific and am slightly bummed that it's not there, but even then it gives you suggestions of other stuff to watch.

Maybe discontent is a good thing. It makes you want something different or something more. We contented people of the world are complacent in the status quo. The discontented people are so uncomfortable that they do more things and take things to a new level.

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