Friday, February 7, 2014

"E" does not always stand for Everyone

I have a minor (or major) Kevin Smith fixation, as I've detailed a few years ago. And since I neither believe you've read EVERY WORD of this blog for the past 5 years nor do I have the compunction to find that post to prove it, just trust me.

This is a reasonably good picture of Kevin Smith:

He's a writer and movie director. He makes, for the most part, raunchy comedies. He also is really into comic books and superheroes and does a lot in that world (which I'm not into).

My fixation with Kevin doesn't involve me thinking he's attractive, and I'm not even that into his work. (I mean, I've watched most of his movies, but I think the most I've ever watched any of his movies is twice.)

Why I like Kevin so much is that I think he's a cool guy. He's someone I'd want to hang around with. I've watched all his "Evening With" shows, which are really him just talking to a mostly college-age audience. Last week I discovered he has done weekly podcasts (called Smodcasts) for the past SEVEN YEARS! I have almost 300 hours of Kevin Smith talking that I can listen to. Plus he does other types of podcasts weekly, so there's a whole treasure trove of Kevin Smith material that I can become acquainted with. In the past week I've listened to 30 hours of Kevin Smith (and Scott Mosier). When I first downloaded the Smodcasts, there was an "E" next to them along with no definition of "E." At first I thought it meant "Everyone" since I'm used to seeing that word on media. But I now think it means "Explicit" because children probably shouldn't be listening to these podcasts.

Anyway, here is my reasoning for my Kevin Smith fixation, which started many years ago but now with bingeing on Smodcasts has cemented, in no particular order:

1. He's self-deprecating. He admits that he doesn't make the best films in the world. Yeah, he likes what he makes; he hopes other people like them. He realizes he's not the ideal image of a man, and he's okay with that. There's no pretenses with him.

2. He talks about sex at least 50% of the time. Again no pretenses.

3. He likes to eat, he seems to realize that it's an addiction, but he doesn't care.

4. He remembers everything. Those random occurrences in life: he even remembers the small details decades later.

5. He's nostalgic. He fondly recalls his experiences growing up in working class Jersey.

6. He's an excellent friend. Once people make it into his inner circle, he's loyal to them forever.

7. He has a refreshing ease in chatting and also a nice voice.

8. He loves the 80s. He had a freaking 80s prom for his birthday.

9. He's smart.

10. He has his personal opinions (religion, politics), but he doesn't push his opinions on others. He'd rather convince you into a position on meaningless things.

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