Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. Now isn't that just super?! :)

January is usually a weird month. The post-Christmas high is gone. Work heats up. The winter slog continues. My birthday...full of yummy treats that derail a week of healthy eating.

My dear daughter got a stomach virus on Wednesday. It wasn't just a little thing. It was Pukepalooza - I think she vomited all over the whole school (outside, her classroom, down the hall). She couldn't even make it from the nurse's office to my car. Memo to self: only give your kid plastic bags to puke in that don't have holes at the bottom. That was a nasty, nasty day. Thank goodness it only lasted about 7 hours. I am a bit weak-kneed around illness.

I've been a reading fiend so far in January. I've read something like 12 books.

This is not a scintillating post. Not that I'm normally scintillating, but I do realize that pure update posts, particularly about vomit, are not exciting.

Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Super Bowl!

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