Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Priorities

Last summer I made it my mission to connect with a lot of people. Basically at the beginning of the summer I wrote a list of people that I wanted to see in person, and then I took the lead in making a "date" with each of them. I had envisioned that I would spend my entire summer stalking people, but surprisingly everyone I had on my list was far easier to schedule some time with than I had expected.

This summer, in contrast, I made it my mission to do stuff. I did stuff last summer as well, after all we had to do something on these "dates." But this summer I really focused on pushing myself to DO. I have gone to the amusement park twice. I did an aerial cable/hanging thing. I ziplined. I went to a concert. I went to a few parties/socials/outings that I would have preferred not to go on if left to my own devices. We took J to the kiddie amusement park. We geocached. I went on a four mile hike in the forest. I got a day pass to the fitness center. We had some nice playdates. We have volunteered as a family almost weekly. We took the in-laws out to a nice dinner. Sure, I could have done more. I could have scheduled something every day instead of two "big" events per week. At that kind of pace, I would have burned out quickly. The pace I chose was decent to experience some old things, new things, and have some downtime or just veg out reading a book.

The downside to the summer of DOing things is that I haven't been able to connect with as many people as I wanted to. I've seen some friends, and we did some of these activities together. But last year it seemed like I had much more in the way of interactions.

I suppose you can't achieve everything when you have a limited amount of time. You just have to identify your priorities and shovel time and resources into their directions.

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