Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why I do not get along with jewelry

My birthday was 2 weeks ago. This is unfortunate birthday timing for many reasons, but most notably my husband has just gotten over the angst of getting me a Christmas gift and now feels compelled to get me something else for my birthday.

I say I don't want anything for my birthday (and Christmas), which I don't. Take me out to eat and make me a cake - that's all I want.

But he feels compelled to get me something.

This year he got me a bracelet. A pretty diamond and pink sapphire bracelet.

Well, you see, I don't get along with jewelry. By the end of the first day, the clasp didn't clasp. So the weekend after my birthday he took it back to get the clasp fixed.

Then last Friday (8 days after he had given it to me), I woke up to find a piece of it on the floor. Just a little piece of it - the right half of the picture below. The other piece was in bed. Apparently I had snagged it on the bedding and broke it. Not where the clasp is, mind you.

My husband wanted to take it back to be fixed again. Nice offer of him, and I do like the bracelet, but I think if I can break something in two different ways within the span of 8 days, it does not bode well for the future of the bracelet and me.

Alas, I asked him to take it back to get a refund.

The birthday gift before I sent it back for the second, and final, time

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