Thursday, December 27, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

2013 is quickly approaching. For my family and me, 2012 was pretty good. The highlight was likely my husband getting a new job. He's happier with more challenges, learning new skills, and a new change of scenery. Overall, I had a good year. No big changes, but nothing bad. We have our health thus far, love, family, friends, jobs, money for all of our needs and wants (but we don't want much).

I try not to do resolutions because I suck at them. Let's see an example of a resolution:

Resolution: I will be nicer and more patient.

Works quite well until 11am on January 1st. Then I attempt to go to a grocery store. Someone cuts me off, I swear in my head. (Resolution violated.)

If I got past January 1st with a resolution intact, it would be a miracle.

Instead, I'll try to aim for goals rather than resolutions. It's really just semantics.

2013 Goals (not resolutions)

1. I will increase my turn signal usage.

2. I will exercise on the elliptical at least 2 hours per week. Or run. Or do weights. (Basically, get off my butt.)

3. I will do once-a-month cooking--when you cook several different big meals and freeze them in meal-sized portions.

4. I will read at least 30 books. (I would love more Goodreads friends: )

5. Keep up smoothies (especially with kale and spinach!) and chia seeds. Find more substitutes for the unhealthy food I eat.

6. Max out tax-deferred retirement - both 401k and Roth IRA.

7. I will volunteer with Miss J. 


Amanda Brown said...

I cracked up at number 1! I wish I was more diligent at preparing meals ahead of time, I think I'll work on that too!

B said...

I've gotten so bad at the turn signal thing - I think I'm down to 50%. Gotta get up to at least 80%.