Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paula Deen's sister is killing me

My in-laws have been here for over a week, and this is my first plea for mercy. Today's entry will be about my mother-in-law (MIL).

I think I'm going to die. My stomach has been in agony for over a week. I've gained 10 pounds in a week - if I was brave enough to actually step on a scale, I could easily prove this to you.

My weakness: I'm an avid member of the clean plate club. I hate wasting food. Like I start getting jittery if I throw away food. I know myself, and I know that I'm a member of the clean plate club so it's just best to make enough for that meal. I like enough leftovers for a meal or two if the original meal is something I really, really like.

MIL's weakness: She loves making enough food for twice the people that are actually going to show up. I'm not sure WHY. Based on my observations, neither she or her husband likes leftovers. Nearly all the food that survives the meal uneaten ends up in the garbage, which makes me jittery. So I feel obligated to eat it. And despite being dairy and gluten intolerant, every meal has copious amounts of butter, bread & cheese. What's with a freaking appetizer (for 8 people even though only 4 are there), 5 side dishes, and a homemade cake for every meal?

(Cue stomach cramps that are going on Day 10)

S's parents, in my opinion, are very wasteful people. I try so hard to be resourceful that I seriously want to scream when I see them so needlessly waste money and food and energy. Don't leave so many lights on! Do you really need to do that many loads of laundry with all that fabric softener? How can you want to go out to eat when we have so much food that's going to mold in the fridge? Why must you open and close the garage door to leave the house when you can just go out the front door?

(Cue heart palpitations)

I have inspiration for a week-long blog project. How about take pictures of everything I eat for the next 7 days? It will aim to keep me honest and (hopefully) make my tummy feel better.

You know it's bad when I, the lover of all food, am wanting to stop eating. I'm dreaming of a day when all I drink is water and all I eat is fruits and veggies. I tell ya, I feel like crap, and I think my MIL is trying to kill me.

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