Sunday, June 17, 2012


So it's Father's Day, and you know how sentimental I am, don't you? I ooze it from every pore of my being, and you might think I will either talk about my extra special husband or go on a sentimental diatribe about my father.

But that's not why you're here, right? And you know that I don't do sentimental, right?

So I'm going to talk about homewreckers. Or, well, one specific homewrecker.

S's brother, if you'll recall (I'm presuming you're a long-term reader and I'm too lazy to reference old entries so your choice is to 1-remember 2-nod along or 3-try to catch up), cheated on his wife this woman. We'll call her A because it stands for her name, and it can be Amelia or Anastasia (like in Fifty Shades of Grey) or Annie. Or some other name that starts with A like Alyssa.

Their "thing" started up about a year and a half ago. Last May his wife found out. Since then, S's brother has been lying low with his new love A. After the year mark, it seems like he's now bringing A out to his family. In the past couple of weeks, he's introduced her to his boys, his parents, and his siblings. I suppose it's their big "coming out as a couple."

None of us were fans of his wife AT ALL, and we're all bored and curious, so we're intrigued by the homewrecker/girlfriend/new love that we finally got to meet.

She's not what I would have expected. But she's nice enough...even if she is a grandmother. She enjoys playing board games, which is a necessity in the family. All we do together is play games...and eat.

I started writing some thoughts about her, but then I thought that I would easily get in trouble on the interwebz, so instead I'll just say that she wasn't quite what I was expecting. Not bad at all, just different. 

And with that, good night.

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