Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making stuff up

This is my father-in-law's (FIL's) entry.

If my lovely husband is reading this, feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken on how this unfolded.

For anyone who reads this, you likely don't need a refresher, but I feel compelled to give you one. There are these things in the world called FACTS: the date you were born, what the Dow Jones closed at today, actors who played parts in movies, etc. Then there's opinions, which are what you think or feel or believe. It's great to preface these things as such, but not necessary. "I think lawyers are scuzzy." That would be an opinion.

Then there's shidizzle you make up and pass off as facts. WHY?! I have no freaking clue. I do not understand why people (FIL) do this. You look like a dolt to people like me who appreciate facts.

Scene: Daughter is watching the rather new version of Scooby Doo. Shaggy sounds exactly the same as he did in the old version. 

Me: "That sounds like Casey Kasem!"

Husband: "I thought he just died." We later discover he thought Casey Kasem was Dick Clark, who did just die.

Me: "I didn't hear that. Dick Clark was the one who just died."

FIL: "Yeah, Casey Kasem died. He shouldn't have died that young. He was only 65."

Me: Scrunches up my forehead because even if Casey just died, he's got to be older than 65. He was the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo way back when. But still, I'm pretty sure I would have remembered hearing that he died.  "Are you sure he died?"

Husband: Gets out his phone and Wikipedia'ed Casey Kasem. "According to Wikipedia, he's still alive and 80 years old. Yeah, I was thinking about Dick Clark."

FIL shrugs shoulders.

I cannot figure out why FIL makes shidizzle up All. The. Time. If you're going to make stuff up, then at least make stuff up that can't be easily proven wrong.

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