Monday, October 10, 2011


I love when people post photos from their lives. I'm the type of person who inspects photos thoroughly and will notice that you have Sweet Valley High #14 on your book shelf in the background.  And try to restrain myself from commenting on that fact.  I'll just say those things to my husband, who thinks I would make an awesome private investigator or detective.  Then I'll never forget that you had Sweet Valley High #14 on your book shelf, and I'll constantly refer to you as the person who collects Sweet Valley High books when I talk about you to my husband.

(Why did he marry me?  Was it the charm of someone who uses a magnifying glass to look at pictures? I have no idea.  Perhaps the Kardashian sisters weren't of legal age yet.)

Someone was posting old photos.  It looked like of Grandma's house. Of course what caught my attention was the Blue Photo.  Grandma had a Blue house.  Medium blue carpeting, dark blue couches, dark blue curtains, a dark blue bookcase.  I'm not sure if the walls were a pale blue or if they were supposed to be white but instead reflecting all that blue.  Anyway, the walls looked pale blue.  I couldn't see a lick of non-blue except for the doors and staircase.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Girl were sitting on the blue couch.  They all had blue shirts on.

My first thought was this song:

My second thought was that I bet $100 that I knew what color Grandma's car was.

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