Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mission: Kindness

My New Year's resolution is to be kind(er). Think before I speak or type more. Encourage more. Lift people up more. Compliment more.

Blogs, for the most part, seem a place to complain. So the blogging thing could be more challenging if I fully embrace my New Year's resolution.

Because, really, who wants to read a blog of motivational phrases? Honestly, not me. And probably not for anyone who reads this. Does anyone still read this???

The one year I don't make a resolution tied to health/fitness/eating better is of course the one year that I'm 10 days in and doing pretty well at it. So far. Today's my birthday (one hour in), and that's usually the day I go off the rails and never get back on. So we'll see. I just ran for half an hour--I'm always one who would rather exercise at night than in the morning. I've been doing HIIT too. Reining in the sugar. My diet is usually impeccable (veggies, salad without dressing, chicken/fish, almonds, apples) combined with crappy (anything with sugar). I've been trying to limit the crappy to a small amount. We'll see.

The dilemma is that I don't have a huge incentive. I mean, so far my bloodwork has been good. Last year I conquered wearing a bathing suit in public. I'm not technically overweight (although of course I should lose weight because I'm at the higher end of "normal"). Sure, I feel better when I'm challenging myself physically, tend to sleep better, etc. Being healthier now increases the likelihood that I'll stay healthier later. I get all that. I'm just at that point where the discipline and effort and withdrawal put in seems to psychologically exceed the rewards.

Wah, I want a cookie!!!


jojo cucina cucina said...

I think most women are guilty of thinking they look far worse than they do or are heavier than they picture themselves!

I decided for the New Year that I am going to blog more than Facebook rather than anyone is reading or not. The reason being is that I use blogging for a writing outlet and Facebook seems to be more about affirmations, cute little memes, cats/kittens/ and funny research on why i no longer need to feel guilty drinking as much wine as a I do because, who knew?'s healthy! So while I'm not leaving Facebook (there are many things I love about FB) I am backing away just a little bit. I told my nephew it means I am going to check FB only 10 times a day instead of 40 and he laughed I think because he thought I was exaggerating. Anyway, that's my change for the year.

I was going to say I would give up wine, but why would ??? It's so healthy I don't even have to go to the gym anymore!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Also forgot to say that you are already kind! And you're right, I don't like ready flowery happy Pollyanna-ish blogs. I like things edgy. I would be more inclined to make a resolution to be MORE edgy than kind! :)

B said...

Embrace edgy! I think you are very edgy though.

I need to be kinder. If not for myself, because I have a little person that's watching.

jojo cucina cucina said...

It does help not being a parent. The hardest thing i have to do is not say the F-word around my nephew Brady when i am babysitting him. Amazing how easy it is to NOT say it. I do love that word though. I agree, i am edgy enough. I don't need to alienate people already than i do. I could probably stand to try and add some filters. It just sounds too stressful to constantly worry about peoples' feelings. Easier to get different friends!