Saturday, November 28, 2015

This and that

Sometimes it feels like Blogspot is a time machine back to 2008-2010. It seemed like so many people were doing blogs back then, and one day it all just stopped. I guess Facebook replaced it with status updates? It's like a ghost town here. As I look through my blog subscriptions, I wonder what all these people have been doing since their last post in 2010. That's almost 6 years! There are actually very few of my blog subscriptions that I'm friends with on Facebook. More on Myspace, but Myspace is more desolate than Blogspot. So I guess I'll never find out. Is Melanie still with CJ? Did Una publish a new book? Did she have another child?

I've done four NaNoWriMos so far. I started my 2015 NaNo back in August, but I only got about 20,000 words prior to November, and I have written zilch during November. I'd like to complete it, not because it's terrific but because I feel compelled to complete things. Even if it's not a worthwhile thing that I've left undone, I want to cross it off my list. I can crank out 50,000 words--particularly if quality isn't a factor.

I need to get going on a Blogger project, if only so I'd write on a consistent basis.

The in-laws are coming for Christmas. While they're here, my husband and I are going on a short trip by ourselves. I'm really looking forward to that. We got a room with a fireplace overlooking the river. 


jojo cucina cucina said...

I miss blogging, but it's not that much fun blogging alone because folks' comments are the muse for me to keep it going.

And yes, i do blame Facebook. But then i just started using Facebook as a blog sometimes. I like writing too and blogging was a great outlet.

I have thought of just putting stuff up on it as a journal to remind myself about what i've done cause at least i will know where to find it if i want it. I have a hard time remembering if something happened one year ago or two years ago..... etc. For example, i am working this year at headquarters in WEA and will be working in Soundview in January again but i can't remember, was it just last year at this time i was working at Soundview or was that two years ago?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Your getaway by the river sounds so nice!