Monday, March 23, 2015

Greetings from Yakima

I'm in Yakima right now for work. Sitting in a hotel that actually is right on the river. Last night my room was so hot that I opened the sliding glass door and heard the rush of the river all night long. Tonight it's rather cold, and i closed the  sliding glass door. The adjoining room's tv drowns out the river noises tonight.

My time here has been rather intense. A quiet 3 hour drive over here, though, which was nice. I have taken a couple of walks by myself. When so many people ordinarily want things from me, I find it nice to have time to myself, even if it's merely sneaking away to take a walk. There's not nearly enough alone time anymore.  I know at some point I will crave the companionship I am right now forced to have, but right now at this point in my life I am exhausted by everyone's neediness.

I can't wait for this dang wedding to be over. Every dang week it's something. I can't wait to finally cross it off in its entirety. This weekend is the bachelorette party. Guess who has to make the erotic cake? I'm dreading the actual party because drunk women going to male  strip shows in the city just isn't my thing. I'm such a curmudgeon. Buff guys with baby oil don't do anything for me. I am truly attracted to a guy's intelligence and thoughts, and I don't understand how you can have a substantive conversation at a noisy bar. Yes, I'm a curmudgeon.

Intellectually I know that I will miss these experiences when I'm older. When I have more time than things to do, I'll reminisce over these times when I wish I could replicate myself. For now, though, I'm tired and feel like I don't do justice to any of the things I'm responsible for. I see every request, whether it be a party, a work invitation or even an email as One. More. Thing.

I was hoping to use this work event as a pseudo vacation. Looks like it's not working. :/


jojo cucina cucina said...

The place on the river sounds heavenly. The hanging out with drunk girls to look at scantily clad men sounds like Hell. How did you get roped into this?

B said...

Bridesmaid duty