Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Anniversary and Weddings

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. It seems strange to me that it's been that long. I can remember it like it was yesterday. In a blink of an eye 15 years have passed. I also have that same feeling about graduating high school (20 years this year...gulp) and college (if I use my second graduation, 17 years). Maybe it's because I've worked in the same place for the last 15 years (and lived in only two houses) that it's felt like I've been stuck in time. But I haven't. Time has moved on, actually quite expediently.

What's interesting is that my good friend is getting married in 6 weeks. Being a bridesmaid I'm going through all that wedding "stuff" all over again. I don't miss it. I didn't enjoy wedding preparations the first go around, and experiencing it this time again (even if it's vicariously) isn't all that exciting either. The other weddings I've been a part of have been very low-key.

Here are some of the bridesmaid duties:
Dress selection
Dress fittings
Organizing Shower 1
Shower 1
Organizing Shower 2
Shower 2
Accompanying bride on wedding chores
Bachelorette party (I'm really, really dreading that in a few weeks--guess who gets to make a dirty cake?)
Rehearsal dinner
The 18 hour ordeal that is the wedding - prep, calming bride, trying not to trip in the long dress/high heels combo, pictures, ceremony, reception
I'm probably supposed to come up with a speech.

This is what I learned from my wedding: Elope.

This is what I am re-learning from this experience: Elope.

Just elope.

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