Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Friday Crash

I have a tradition that is many decades old (ok, 2 decades, but since I've only been alive 3 decades, I think I can use the term "many"). That would be that I work myself to the bone Monday - Friday afternoon, and then...I kind of die.

In high school/college, I took full class loads, I worked, I had an active social life, I studied, I dated. Monday - Friday afternoon was a sea of writing papers, going to class, working at a stock brokerage firm, dating, going out with friends. I'd stay up until 2-4am burning the midnight oil writing a paper or playing a fun computer game. Come Friday afternoon, I was done. Done.

When I went away to college, it was very similar. I'd work hard, I'd play hard. Come Friday afternoon, I was done.

Most Fridays I'd be in bed by 7pm. Other kids my age? They'd be getting drunk in someone's dorm room, partying. I would dread if a friend asked me to do something on a Friday night. Why can't it be Saturday? I can do Saturday. Friday night? I just can't do. Even now, I just can't do it. Last month my husband had a work function on a Friday night. I grumbled, I complained. I don't DO Friday night events.

Friday nights are when I get in my least romantic pajamas (fleece), crawl in bed, and just sleep.

In college, my boyfriend was impressed by my Friday night fortitude. I would be in bed by 7pm (because I eat dinner at 5pm like a senior citizen). He would be awake until his normal 1am, a whole 6 hours after I fell asleep. He would then wake up at 9am, and I would STILL be asleep. I'd usually wake up at 10am after sleeping a good 14-15 hours in a row. I didn't move the whole time. He would check to make sure I was still breathing.

I miss those Friday nights.

Now I still like Friday nights, but I just can't do the marathon sleeping as well as I used to. I can make it about 10 hours, which is profoundly awesome in its own right; it just sucks in comparison to 14-15 hours. Last night was 7:30pm - 5:30am. 

I am jealous of people who sleep like that every night.

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