Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two random irritations

Sometimes something just irritates you for no particular reasons. Sure, the reason it irritates you may be because of some repressed association with something else that irritates you. Or there may be no logical reason at all.

Here are the two things that have irritated me in the last week for no apparent reason:

1 - People who have their phone set to make that obnoxious clicking noise every time they hit a button on their phones. WHY?! Most of the time these people are over age 60. And they sit next to me. So I hear click-pause-click-click-long pause-click-pause-clickclickclick. Like they're punching out Morse code on that dang thing. WHY?! Does it remind them of Morse code? I want to grab it from them and turn off that stupid setting.

2 - The term "babe." It grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Thankfully, I've never been called by that term. Hate hate hate it. Do I know why? No. It makes me bristle--when women use it for men, when men use it for women. Have I ever had any bad experiences with the term? Not that I can think of because I have never been called it. It seems like a generic term of endearment because the person is too lazy to learn your name. Lazy, I guess that's my problem with it. Although I don't usually find lazy terms so loathsome.

Those are my random rants of the day. For no particular reason.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Last week at lunchtime I laid out a whole response to this and started to hit send and realized I was on the work computer at Soundview and it was queued in to Jo Wood's Google account so i had to back out and there was no way to hit save on it first so I lost it. Hahaha!

I can understand the clicking sound being an issue. Why would someone have that on their phone? Didn't know you could. I get fairly irritated with the sound of laptops clicking.

I don't mind being called sweetie and babe by women and I especially like it when younger waitresses call me that. I've blogged about it before how I like it. It's better than a few things they could be calling me! Ha!

My minor irritations are that my husband has NO IDEA how often I am picking up stupid little things around the house of his. AND how I always have to push in his chair at the dining table. He never ever pushes it back. This was first pointed out to me by my friend Sarah complaining about her own husband and how so many men don't do it. So I noticed it and now I can't un-notice it. Also I am always picking up the errant mug, towel, sock and Kleenex and whatever. It's pretty minor but it has occurred to me that I should just put it all in one basket and show him at the end of a few days how much I clean up after him.

My other minor irritation is the old folks in Oakbrook who won't move over an inch while they are driving when I am running against the oncoming cars. This is especially irritating when it has rained and there are puddles in the shoulder. No cars are coming for miles on the other side and yet they stay steady in their lane not willing to give me some room crossing the yellow line even though it's a non-traffics road too. I swear it is ALWAYS old people I notice who have failed to give me a wide berth and a wave. So I usually turn around swiftly with my hands on my hips and a scowl hoping they see me in the rear view mirror, which I am sure they don't.

(At least I never see them texting!)

I am also fairly irritated with the people who are still sporting their Christmas wreaths on the front door! Especially the dead ones!

People who say 'pardon my French' before saying a cuss word. Just dumb. I happen to like cuss words (if not around kids) and it just sounds stupid to me. I also get irritated by people who substitute words/phrases for cussing. I have a nerdy sister in law on my husband's side and she always says "poop on you' instead of f*ck you and I think poop is a grosser word.

I have more, but I gotta get back to work. I brought my iPad in so I don't have to use the work computer at lunch! Hahaha. Wait until the other Jo gets back and wonders why the Facebook newsfeed is filled with Total Wine and Nordstrom advertisements.

B said...

The picking up little things is definitely a theme we share. My husband leaves socks, shirts, etc. around the bedroom and bathroom. Now my daughter does it too! Why is it so hard for them? I think these are small things that make a big difference in the appearance. I'm with ya!

Pushing in a chair = I'm sure I don't do this. But I tend to eat standing up or on the couch/bed. I know, I suck.

I agree on the old people driving cars that don't seem to give space. Maybe their depth perception is fading???