Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Long Hiatus

It feels good to be back after a long hiatus--mostly caused by the weirdest work assignment I've ever been given. If I told you what I normally do and then what I did for September, you'd go, "Huh?"

So did I. I said on numerous occasions, "It makes absolutely NO sense for me to be doing this."

After the longest blogging hiatus I've ever had on here and being back for a couple of weeks now...oh, and my in-laws were at my house for two weeks. They'll be back in December for a week at Christmas, and then they'll be back in May. While I don't mind that they're coming for Christmas, they add a lot of pressure in terms of them liking to put on a show...elaborate feast, decorations, gifts, the whole bit. My husband and I are more minimalist. And I also feel a little shortchanged about my vacation since I get that week off, and now they'll be here. So instead of lounging around and reading, I'm going to be doing more cooking, cleaning, decorating, and other crap than I want to do around the holidays.

Yes, I'm a lazy Christmas person. I am the gift giver who gives gift cards to family. For friends I'll make their favorite cookies. I love honing in on your favorite cookie. If I may add another Christmas sin, I only send Christmas cards to people who send me Christmas cards.

I came back from my September experience 3 pounds heavier (eating out for every meal for a month) and feeling behind in my normal work, my personal life and other things I'm doing.

I feel New Years Resolution-y because I need to become more focused.

That is another post.

In the meantime, I'm back.

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