Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random Thoughts

1. I started National Novel Writing Month early. I'm at 20,000 words with the objective being to write 50,000 words by the end of November. The goal of National Novel Writing Month is to write all 50,000 words in November. I know I won't be able to do 50,000 if I only have November. Starting early is okay, right? Can't believe this is the 4th NaNoWriMo I've taken part in!

2. Trying to have a healthy October. My vices are sugar in all its various forms. This will be tough. On the upside, I will eat kale smoothies, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk and veggies without dips/dressing. I'm either "on" or "off" when it comes to this stuff, usually changes by the hour. As always, I've been working out. I'm really good at that with the exception of running; holy crap, I hate running. It's just the food part of the equation where I suck most of the time.

3. I'm still wearing flip flops in October. It's called holding out. Who knew I had such fortitude?

4. I've read 107 books so far this year. Last year I read 126, so I seem to be on track.

5. I had a test at the hospital that took 10 minutes in August. I've had some intermittent breathing issues over the past few years; it all started when I'm pretty sure I had whooping cough in 2010. I was feeling gasp-y all summer, went in for this dang test. It showed nothing was wrong. But the billing for this 10 minutes is driving me nuts! They sent me a bill for $44.15. I paid it by credit card the next day. And since then I've gotten two separate statements saying I owe $44.15. I've called each time, spending half an hour on the phone, I've faxed my credit card statement, I don't know what else to do. Just credit me the dang $44.15 and be done with it!

6.  I found recent pictures of my dad's/grandparents' house in Pittsburgh on Zillow. It looks so different now! My dad and grandparents never took care of it. Or if they did something to it, it was a very shoddy, temporary fix. It fills my heart knowing that it is loved by its new owners...and that dastardly shag carpet is gone!


jojo cucina cucina said...

I am still wearing flip flops too. But then it was 78 degrees yesterday!

Are you trying to start a running program? Are you running already? Right now i'm procrastinating going out for a run by blogging and checking email. I am also waiting for the sun they promised.

I am going to start keeping a list of books i've read on my notes because i am curious about how many i read in a year. All i know is that i've read 34 since i retired. Not even close to you. I keep putting books down and not finishing them lately. Couldn't finish American Rust, The Leftovers, and a couple i've forgotten. But i'm liking The Invention of Wings. Have you read it? If so, did you like it?

Good luck with the novel writing! Wow, that's ambitious. 50,000 words? Wow that would be 100 of my blog posts, two years in other words to be written by November? Do you have an outline of what you are writing?

B said...

Gah, I HATE running! Everyone tells me to start running; once I get used to it, I'll love it. I've done the Couch to 5K thing and hate every minute of it. Funny that almost every runner I know has problems with their feet, legs, knees, hips. Instead, I do a lot of walking/hiking, weights, elliptical, but don't make me run!

I have read the Invention of Wings and really liked it! I do find Goodreads as a nice way to mark everything I've read and make comments. And if I like something a lot, there's recommendations for books that are similar to it.

Unfortunately, I'm really bad at outlining, and I think I meander far too much. BUT the goal is to purge yourself of those 50,000 words. I feel the best about my first Nano in 2011. It was about a teen whose sister kills herself and the family dysfunction. My more recent two haven't been as strong.

Enjoy your run :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

I will say this about running. It is THE BEST way to lose weight. How do i know that? Because since i've been struggling with plantar faciitis in my foot (i thought it was better but it's getting worse again) I am over my magic weight most times when i weigh myself. I never had to worry when i was running 5 days a week for 5 miles or more. But now i've cut back on running to about 3 days a week and walking on the other days and I run about 4 miles instead.

I do not like running either. But it's been such a part of my life that it's a habit that i miss a lot if i can't do it. I have a blog that i wrote on How to Run. I should send it to you. It's about how to keep running when you hate running.

I like the idea of writing a book, even if it is just for myself. I had this great idea for just writing in chapters and the narrator of the story would introduce each character by first including the obituary she wrote for each of the characters that she kept on file 'just in case'. The obituaries would be rather off the wall. But i don't know where i would go with the plot line except for just introducing characters in chapter based loosely on real family members.

I used to collect obituaries and i put them in a scrapbook. IT started with pet obituaries because i thought it was hilarious that people would pay hundreds of dollars for a pet obituary with a photo. From there it went to unusual ones. One was written for a homeless man that i thought was especially poignant. And sadly, some are real family members and friends. But i've been fascinated about obituaries and how people try to sum up a life in about 500 words and so this idea has been running around in my head. Nobody on the internet better steal it!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

and yeah, you're right, people do have trouble with running and issues with hips, feet, knees, etc. This is my first real running injury in my 34+ years of running. So it makes sense that i would have problems at my age after doing it for so long. But i did run from the ages 23 - 57 without much more than plantar faciitis, which is pretty good i think! Also i am good about replacing my shoes every four months, wearing good socks and i also don't run super fast so that i hurt myself. I feel fortunate to last this long and hope i can continue with my goal of running until i'm 60 years.

B said...

And people call me morbid! Here you wanting to publish a book on obituaries. Actually, I love the idea! I read the coolest obituary (life story summed up in a page) about a month ago. Why don't you put fingers to keyboard and start typing? It's not too late to get ready for November's NaNoWriMo!

re: running. I am of the thought that if I hate something, it might make sense to not do it. CALL ME CRAZY! :) I suppose I should care more about my weight, other than lament it occasionally when I'm feeling particularly blah. With me, I really think focusing on cutting out the crappy food would help the most. Yeah, if I was at a good weight but still wanting lose a few pounds, running might get me there. But I think I could lose most of what I needed to if I had "good" eating.

It's admirable that you have kept running SO long despite not loving it. Just the thought of running 5+ miles a day 5 days a week makes me want to weep. I easily walk 3 miles at a time 3-4 days a week, which isn't shabby, but running is a whole different animal. Keep running, I'll watch you from the sidelines!