Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happiness Coach

Are you happy?

I don't know if I am. On the whole, I like to think I'm positive. I am relatively cynical, though, and roll my eyes more than I think is acceptable. I guess the rolling my eyes thing is more that I'm easily annoyed. I hate when people ask me things they can easily find out for themselves (there's this website called Google....).

As for disposition, I do think I try to be positive. I don't ooze it like a cheerleader well past her prime, but I like to frame things in a positive manner. That may be because I think very few of us are victims, and I hate people who wallow in their own self-pity ad nauseum. I mean, I've known some of those people in my years, and a few had tragic ends. I know there was likely depression involved in those instances that probably necessitated meds and/or a psychologist. I've been known to wallow too, but I try to confine my wallowing to discrete amounts of time. If I wallow for more than a week at a time, I make my own eyes roll. I can't stand to be around myself.

 I've mentioned it before that I'm on a Board of Directors for a non-profit. It's really not my thing. I like to DO things; I don't do well talking about OTHER people doing things. It seems like most people there have an agenda of their own. For some, it's resume experience; for others, they seem to be launching a career into public office. For others, they are retired, and it's a cause near and dear to them. I don't mind that agenda. But the others can be tedious. I'm counting down the months of my term remaining--20 months.

Anyway, there's this conference coming up that they are encouraging all of us Board of Directors to go to. It's expensive, as in $1,000 for one day. And it sounds super fluffy. There's some lady who is a Happiness Coach leading it. A freaking Happiness Coach....capitalized like that. What a crock!

Yes, I probably sound like I'm in dire need of said Happiness Coach.

Now I want to make up a Happiness Coach bingo card, find someone to pay my way in, and see how well I can fill up my bingo card. Will the Happiness Coach give you whimsical, happy sayings you can put all over your house and your clothes? Will she give a motivational speech "adapted" from another, more famous motivational speaker? Will we do a cute ice breaker focused on sharing the happiness in our lives? How long will it be until I throttle said Happiness Coach?

Maybe I'm not so happy.

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