Sunday, March 2, 2014

February in Review

The first two weeks of February I wasn't very "on" with watching my weight. I'd mentally kind of keep track, and I'd do the same exercise as usual, but I wasn't terribly diligent. I didn't weigh myself at all.

After those two weeks I was kind of astounded to find out that I had only gained a fraction of a pound. Yay!

Then I got the Bodymedia Fit for the last half of February. For the month, I lost 1.6 pounds. Yay! I'm at the lowest weight I've been in a long time. Actually, this is about the weight I had gotten down to right before I got pregnant. (And then I gained 10 pounds in a nanosecond...okay, maybe over 2-3 weeks).  And this is also the weight I got down to when I got married.

I'm going to try to continue my success in March with the Bodymedia Fit.

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