Friday, September 14, 2012

I hate soccer

These past few weeks have been kicking my butt: going back to longer work hours (I know, a whole HALF HOUR longer each day), soccer, Miss J's upcoming surgery and...ummm...I don't know what else.

Soccer gives me angst. Two practices a week that I have to be sitting on the sidelines, 1) pretending to care about soccer and 2) pretending to care about trivial discussions that the parents have about the first day of school, redshirting, food allergies & Groupon deals. Let's not forget that soccer starts extremely early so I have to pack all the soccer sh&% before I leave for work, try to squeeze out of work a few minutes early, race across town to pick her up, change her in the car or the bathroom at school really fast, and race to the soccer field.

She kind of sucks at soccer. I mean, I know I'm supposed to tell HER that she's doing great. And I do. But she really does suck at it. She skips across the field at a snail's pace. She will only kick the ball if it rolls precisely to her, and there's no chance of anyone else getting it. Compared to her, everyone on her team is practically professional (do they start these kids in soccer before they can walk???). I feel like she's holding back the rest of the team, which makes ME anxious. On the bright side, she hasn't had a soccer field meltdown like the other kids because she doesn't ever get close enough to the ball or the other kids to get any sort of injuries. She just skips across the field with a smile on her face and her tongue sticking out while everyone else kicks each other.

I was obviously smoking crack when I signed her up.

She does seem to like it though. 

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