Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still here

Forgive my lack of posting, I just don't have much to say. The same people who usually annoy me are still annoying me. I've been thinking a lot. Not about anything important (you know, quantum physics or something like that). Just aimless thinking.

I've read quite a few books. I like recording the books I read on Goodreads just so that I can keep track. I think I read 6 books in the last week.

I've been trying to watch the History Channel's The Story of Us on Netflix. I think I'm too distracted when I watch it, or I get distracted by the re-enactments. For some reason, it's been more of a struggle than one might think to get through it.

My daughter said some cute things in the past week. And she cut out a picture of Taylor Swift and glued it to her hat. I really want to know what in the heck she was thinking. But, you know, she's about as great at articulating her thoughts as I am, so I'm left to ponder the "why" behind the whole Taylor Swift thing when my mind wanders.

My diet is starting to slip. The thing is, I've been starting to get back into the exercise groove. When I exercise, I get hungrier and then eat Doritos (not a "sweet"). That then negates the whole exercise thing in large part. Anyway, I've really got to get back on track and be disciplined.

I suppose that's all my random thoughts. Still here, just no cohesive thoughts.

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